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R is notoriously difficult, finicky and at times, needlessly challenging (note that I just said the same thing three times, but the repetition is for emphasis). R is also powerful, flexible and extraordinarily nimble. If you want to try out that great new thing, it’s probably possible to do it in R without programming it from scratch. But, I’m not doing you any favors by pretending that learning R is easy and painless. It is hard. R is a powerful programming language, and as usual, with great power, comes a lot of learning, practice and preparation to know how to use those powers.

In time, you may find you truly love solving the various logic puzzles R puts before you. Or not. Regardless, I wish you the best on your journey to learning R. This far from a comprehensive list (that’s not the point), but here are a few resources to help get you started.

Resources for the Beginner R User

Resources for the Intermediate R User

Miscellaneous very useful resources

Julia Piaskowski
Julia Piaskowski

My research interests include plant genetics, spatial statistics and how to implement open science and reproducible research practices routinely.

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