Blog Posts

Interpreting p-values

Some lessons on proper interpretation and use of p-values

Design and the anatomy of a study

In describing an experiment, we often use the word *design*. Design, however, can take on several meanings within the structure of a research study. Understanding the types of design is not only useful for reporting on the study, but can also inform the analysis of the associated data.

Common Errors and Solutions in SAS

Common errors you will encounter in SAS and how to fix them.

Graphical User Interfaces for R

R GUI's allow you to get things done right away! While they sacrifice the full power of R for ease of usage, for many, the gain in usability is well worth this loss of advanced R functionality.

Resources for Learning R

R is notoriously difficult, finicky and at times, needlessly challenging. Many resources have been created to help new users learn and become competent at using R.

Finding Help in R

How to find help when you run into trouble using R

How to Write Custom Functions in R

If you have to repeat an action in R, functions are a great way to automate this process and avoid erross from cut-paste-replaCE. Here is a short introduction on how to write these functions.

Getting R Set Up

Some instructions for R installation and your R setup to support reproducible research.

Quick Tricks and Tips for Reproducible Research in R

A few steps you can take to make your workflow in R more reproducible and less painful for you to deal with.